A sermon 4 U

Jef Bear
copyright 1999 Jef Bear


this is also from a demo from a few years ago. Do you know who Rev. Robert Tilton is? he is a shill televanglist,who somehow,gets poor suckers to send him $1000,and for their $1000,he will put their name on a piece of paper,then when on the air,he places his hand on this paper,and raises his other hand in the air,and if these poor bastards who sent him $$$ place their hands on the TV screen,they will be 'healed' or have all their problems solved. what a scumbag. so.....i decided to make him even more scummy in this piece. GUARANTEED TO OFFEND!!! ...just remember,these ARE his words....ok,so i manipulated them a bit. but it all came out of his mouth......