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Jef Bear: MUSIC

New Stuff/Rough Mixes

Aquarian Song


Diving Bell

Desires Lullaby

(Jef Bear)
August 7, 2010
J.Bear (c) 2010
A Moody little solo guitar piece

Endless Summer Sky (instrumental version)

(Jef Bear)
July 31, 2010
copyright 2010 Jef Bear
I will post the lyrics for this one, soon as I have a version with vocals on it.


Opaline CD 2005

Opaline (mastered version)

Albion (mastered version)

Piccolo (mastered version)


The Pump

Fog of War



(Jef Bear)
copyright 2005 Jef Bear
one of 2 improvised songs from the upcoming disc,..this another mix,..i think i fixed some of the low end

L'il One

Demos n Projects


Cycle 7

Midnite Rain

Shadow Life

Desert Sun Mirage

The legend of Ned Hempilmann

(Jef Bear w/ Greg Zagalow)
copyright 1999 Jef Bear

A sermon 4 U

Tripwire Nightmare

Kaia CD 2000


(Planetary Orchestra)
copyright 2000 Jef Bear
one from the KAIA cd.
written for an ex-girlfriends son)


(Planetary Orchestra)
copyright 2000 Jef Bear
title track from the 2000 disc.
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