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Jef Bear: PRESS

Reviews of the 'Beyond Rock' comp CD (1992)

The opening to JEF BEAR's "The Prisoner" is reminiscent of King Crimson in their "Red" period. From there, BEAR's guitar work blasts away in broad strokes, like a prisoner trying to climb walls. He falls down then tries again. A fiery, burning piece.
Jef Bear's "the Prisoner" and Karl Welty's "Jade Cycle" are also worth the price of the disc, and will appeal to those of us who like to crank it up until our ears bleed.

Gas Chamber Ensemble (1998)

Gas Chamber Ensemble-

Are grunge and rap old news to your parents? Well, here's something that is
guaranteed to drive them crazy no matter how hip they are. Crunching heavy
metal meets pounding, avant-garde improvisations that never allows any
breathing space . It sounds as if John Zorn and Lemmy of Motorhead had a love
child that they beat with a splintered wooden spoon.
Nick Dedina - (Mar 7, 2005)