1. St. Bob

From the recording St. Bob

now the story behind this one is quite funny. Chads roomate at the time of this recording,had received this strange letter from her ex boyfriend. it was basiclly a case of him trying to blow his own horn and prove that he was over her etc etc. she thought it was hilarious and made everyone read it. so,we asked if we could make a song out of it,she loved the idea. so,..we made a grooving music track,and chad read the letter verbatim. no really,this is the REAL letter! the 'remember,i got the girl' lines were placed after every mention of his current girlfriend.
if he ever hears this,...he's the type of guy who would probobly think its more of a tribute,than a mockery.
oh yeah,the title 'st.bob' comes from his letter head and return address,where he refers to himself in this way.

whatever bob.