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I've been playing guitar for what seems like the majority of my life. one of my earliest memories,is me at my grandmothers house i couldnt have been more than 4 or 5,and my uncle put his guitar on me.it seemed HUGE,i pulled on the low E string,which felt as big as a power cable,and this HUGE noise came out of the amp. i remember almost peeing myself in excitement. From there I dabbled with lessons,going from teacher to teacher,but not really able to get into learning Mel Bay book1.i found that type of stuff sooo boring. then in high school,i met some friends that were already quite accomplished musicians,and they taught me how to jam,and to pick up licks from records by ear,...this was the proverbial 'light bulb switch' that started my obsession. Some friends and I had a fairly successful local band just out of high school,where we blew up the local carnival,lakefair (it wasnt really our fault,some bozo shot a bottle rocket into the power pole,but we still took the blame). from there i traveled for a few years with a cover band in the 80's traveling all over the U.S. and canada. then I grew quite tired of traveling and being a human jukebox,playing music I hated.so i began to write and record,(i had a song on the Beyond Rock CD in the late 80's).I formed several bands,decided to be a 'solo' guy, did an acoustic CD & then went back to electric....which brings us to this website.my favorite medium for shamless self promotion. later! JB